Facing a national challenge of crime and gun violence, Mayor Jim Ferrell isn’t waiting to act. Drawing on his experience as a prosecutor and building on his record as Mayor, he’s advancing a bold, comprehensive public safety agenda to keep Federal Way safe. His efforts include:

✓   Proposing a permanent increase of Federal Way Police to 150 officers, including immediate hire of 13 officers to proactively address crime. Elected in the aftermath of the GreatRecession, Mayor Ferrell worked successfully to restore police funding and increase the size of the force.

✓   Ensuring police have the training, equipment and non-uniform personnel support needed to do their job and de-escalate dangerous situations.

✓   Requiring body cameras to ensure public trust and accountability.

✓   Implementing ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) technology to reduce car theft.

✓   Installing dozens of new “Safe City” cameras that ensure digital tracking of suspects who flee either on foot or by vehicle.


✓   Implementing trash and graffiti cleanup programs to keep Federal Way clean, vibrant, and safe.

✓   Creating “Eyes on Federal Way” – a point and click app allowing the public to report issues in real time.

✓   Starting the Mayor’s Homeless Encampment Cleanup Initiative, cleaning over 220 encampments, and offering unsheltered residents services and treatment to rehabilitate and restore lives.

✓   Withdrawing from the costly SCORE (South Correctional Entity) Jail demonstrating sound fiscal management that allowed for the hiring of new officers.

Mayor Jim Ferrell: Leadership Committed to a Safe Federal Way

Federal Way Mirror
Mayor proposes adding 13 officers to Federal Way police force

As Federal Way sees a recent uptick in crime, the mayor is asking the Federal Way City Council to approve adding 13 more officer positions to the city’s police force. The mayor’s recommendation was presented Sept. 21, suggesting that the Federal Way City Council approve to add 13 officers toRead More

Mayor wants bigger police force in Federal Way as crime mounts

“I think it's fair to say that we have had a completely unacceptable increase in violence in our community,” said Mayor Jim Ferrell, who along with Chief Andy Hwang want to add 13 more officers to the police department for a total sworn staff of 150 officers. In addition, their proposed safetyRead More

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New memorial in Federal Way honors military veterans

A new memorial is sitting atop the Town Center Steps in Federal Way, honoring service members from all branches of the military.... “In the United States of America, we must never forget that there is much more that unites us than will ever divide us,” Ferrell said. “The men and womenRead More

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Diversity pride flag flying at Federal Way City Hall throughout June

“They’re more than just symbols,” said Mayor Jim Ferrell, who donned a purple tie for the occasion. “Collectively, they confirm our commitment to action and to change.” In the Federal Way City Council and mayor’s proclamation declaring June 2021 as Pride Month in the city, “theRead More

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Federal Way Mayor seeking re-election

“Over the past year, we have seen Federal Way unite in support of our small business community, stand together to demand social justice and accountability in policing, as well as to find compassionate solutions for homelessness and affordable housing,” Ferrell said. “I am humbled andRead More

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Federal Way flags will be flown at half-staff to honor COVID victims

“Federal Way, like communities worldwide has felt the devastating impacts caused by the global pandemic,” Ferrell said in a news release. “Locally, we have lost 92 of our neighbors to this terrible virus. Please join me in honoring the lives of those who left us all too soon.”Read More

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“Clean Up Federal Way!” volunteer event set for Oct. 17

“Keeping our city clean and litter-free for our residents and visitors alike is one of our top priorities,” said Mayor Jim Ferrell. “I’m honored to have my policy partners on the city council playing a key role in this event and sharing in our desire to maintain clean streets and parks.Read More

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Federal Way mayor proposes 2021-22 biennial budget

“My proposed budget is one that reflects many of the priorities that I have continued to focus on throughout my six years as mayor,” Ferrell said. “This balanced budget delivers what the community expects and deserves — without raising taxes, laying off any city employees, or dipping intoRead More

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Federal Way raises pride flag for first time in city history

Ferrell noted the flag signifies love and accepting fellow neighbors, then read aloud the June 2020 Pride Month mayoral proclamation that was given to State Sen. Claire Wilson (D-District 30). “We are proud that Federal Way fosters a welcoming environment for all residents and visitorsRead More